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post-courier headlines

Keep informed with your daily headlines from Post Courier. You can now find out what news will be in tomorrow’s papers when you subscribe to Post Courier’s News Headlines service via bmobile-vodafone. To join simply send the keyword for the headlines of each news feature to 206 and you’ll receive the headlines each evening for tomorrow’s paper. 

  • Post Courier news
    - Text JOIN POST to 206
  • Post Sports Subscription
    - Text JOIN SPORTS to 206
  • Post Courier Business
    - Text JOIN BIZ to 206
  • Highlands News
    - Text JOIN HIGH to 206
  • Momase News
    - Text JOIN MOM to 206
  • Southern News
    - Text JOIN SOU to 206
  • Island News
    - Text JOIN ISL to 206
  • Bougainville News
    - Text JOIN BGN to 206

For each SMS received, 49toea will be deducted from your main balance. To stop your subscription to each news feature, text STOP <keyword> to 206.

Example: if you joined the sports subscription but now want to stop, send STOP SPORTS to 206 and your subscription to that news headline will cease. 

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