Stay in touch with PNG and the rest of the world when your’re overseas

Travelling overseas? Did you know you can take your mobile phone, iPad, other tablets with you and still enjoy great rates and coverage? That way, you have the convenience of using your own number overseas, making it easier for everyone to stay in touch.

Post-Paid Personal Plan
Managing your mobile expenses while using international roaming – especially data roaming – can be tricky. Our affordable roaming rates help to offer peace of mind, along with the convenience of using your own number – just like in PNG.
Keep in mind roaming usage is not included in your plan and will be billed on top of your regular monthly bill. So things like accessing email, social media, mobile internet, messaging and calls will cost you extra.
Things to do before you go overseas
  1. CHECK to see if we support international roaming at your destination and view the rates for that destination.
  2. Activate roaming on your mobile by visiting Telikom Limited in Waigani.
  3. Ensure sufficient credit limit for your post-paid account.
  4. Register your number on Telikom Limited online web self-care, to be able to do online payments for bills and incurred outstanding.
Things to do when you arrive overseas
  1. TURN ON your mobile phone or tablet as soon as you reach your destination, and ensure data roaming is switched on.
  2. CONNECT automatically to our preferred local mobile network.
Usage alerts
We’ll send you SMS alerts to keep you informed of your spend and usage.
We do send notifications for postpaid customers when they reach certain limits (50%, 75%, 90%, 94%, 95%, and 99% 100%). Billing Team will confirm this.
Got questons about international roamaing?
Online Support

While on roaming you can dial +675-76003555 from 7am-10pm PNG time 7 days/week. You’ll be charged as per the call rate listed. Or email