Sola PayGo

Sola PayGo is an affordable pay-as-you-go solar light solution offered by Sola PayGo Limited. bmobile customers can use their bmobile mobile phone to make the payments for the solar units

To make Sola PayGo payments do the following:

  • Dial *775*enter meter number*enter amount#
  • Press 1 to confirm purchase.
  • Receive an SMS message with prepaid voucher and transaction reference number.
  • You will also receive an update on the amount you still owe for the solar kit
Transaction Fees
Sola PayGo Amount Transaction Fee
K12 – K30 K1.00
K31 – K50 K1.50
K51 – K100 K5.00
K101 – K300 K10.00
K301 – K499 K15.00
K500 K20.00